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Medi Vice is an innovative start-up born with the mission to improve the quality of life for bedridden patients, who often might be missing comfortable and convenient personal hygiene solutions.

To achieve its mission, Medi Vice has partnered with M.A.S. Medical, to leverage its know-how and experience in the industry and create Wibby: a reliable and effective wash-in-bed solution.


M.A.S. Medical

M.A.S. Medical was founded in 1993 and soon grew its expertise by specializing in technical assistance for electromedical equipment, both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Over the years, it has expanded its presence within operating rooms, increasingly getting to know better the real needs of its customers.

In doing so, in 2005 the company also became the manufacturer of the first closed-circuit organic liquid vacuum cleaner entirely “Made in Italy”; a portable and battery-powered system called “Drain Star”, mainly dedicated to endourological surgery and subsequently to all endoscopic surgeries.

A second field of application was revealed in the hospitalization and intensive care units, where the biological risk to which the staff was exposed had become rather worrying, especially in the management of organic fluids to be disposed of.


Following the success in the domestic market, in 2013 M.A.S. Medical Srl opened its doors to the European market and soon after to the extra-UE one, further increasing its success.

Innovation has always been the priority within the company, in fact in September 2018 a portable and battery-powered shower for bedridden patients was presented on the international market, a new challenge for M.A.S. Medical. The experience and professionalism demonstrated in the creation of the Drain Star product line, have facilitated the introduction of Wibby, an avant-garde solution for bedridden patients’ hygiene that also improves the lives of operators in the medical sector.


ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 certified company


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